Android Development

We provide full-cycle Android application development services, taking advantage of all the features that make Android the world’s most popular mobile platform.

Why choose us

The Android development team at Allied Commerce has been developing Android applications since the launch of the very first Android device, the G1 (HTC Dream) in 2008. Over the years, we have gained extensive hands-on expertise in delivering tailor-made android apps for business and enterprise.

Anroid App development

Partner with us to elevate your digital presence with bespoke Android apps, tailor made to deliver cutting-edge and user-friendly engagement. We strive to build business applications that align with your strategic goals while also standing out in the competitive market.

Android UI/UX Design

We provide full-cycle Android UI/UX design services, taking advantage of all the features that make Android the world’s most popular mobile platform. Our UI/UX design expertise extends to all form factors, from consumer devices to purpose built industrial terminals.

android hardware integration

We are experts in integrating external hardware with Android devices. Whether you are building a custom point of sale solution, or an industrial control system, you can count on our expertise to go beyond typical Android app development.

multi-platform development

The Android ecosystem encompasses a wide array of devices, including consumer smartphones, smart watches, tablets, smart TVs and IoT devices. Our expertise spans all these form factors as well as complimentary platforms such as iOS.

android ecommerce apps

Mobile Ecommerce continues to go from strength to strength each year, thanks for the ability to engage customers wherever they are. We help businesses stake their ground in mobile ecommerce, as well as integrate legacy applications with modern mobile ecommerce storefronts.

legacy to android

We can help your business optimize your legacy software for greater user experience and convert it into next gen mobile apps. This results in better user experience, improved ROI and a better workflow for your business.

Business oriented solutions

Line-of-Business Apps

Allied Commerce helps businesses extend the utility of their existing mission-critical desktop or web applications, by pairing them with custom-built Android mobile apps. This results in increased efficiency for the business by maximizing reach and increasing workforce productivity.

Maximize customer engagement

Consumer Apps

For consumer brands, mobile apps are a must have to maximize customer engagement. We partner with brands to create cutting-edge mobile apps that capture, delight and engage customers on smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.

Mobile Automation

Utility Apps

We build sophisticated utility apps that help businesses utilize Android devices to maximize automation of business processes. We can help your business magnify its functional capabilities, productivity and performance, whether you need to add additional features to an existing application, or deploy a completely new custom utility app.

The everywhere store

Mobile Commerce

We build mobile solutions that enable companies to sell goods and services through custom mCommerce apps, leveraging the power of Android Payment APIs and ubiquitous reach. Be it a storefront for retail or omnichannel operations, we can help your business establish a digital presence on Android and reach more customers on the devices they interact with all day.

The everywhere app

Wearable Apps

We help businesses take advantage of the Android platform on wearable devices that can be used to engage end users or collect data via a wide range of sensors.

Backend Integration

Our Android development teams handle backend integrations for virtually any type of Android app, dependent on data and software in your enterprise or in third-party systems. We make your apps useful and valuable for your end users by enabling access to business data and real-time connectivity to resources and systems of your choice, regardless of their location and type.

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